Sunday, April 15, 2012

Food For Comfort

I know that I am personally guilty of eating for the wrong reasons. There were many times when I would eat because I was bored or I would want food after a bad day. I was also on the flip side of that. There were times when I just wouldn't eat. It wasn't necessarily because I felt like I shouldn't, I would literally just forget until I started getting shaky and feeling sick.

My friend, Velvet, gave me a piece of paper that talked about eating habits. This is what it said:

* I will NOT eat food I DON'T NEED!
* I will NOT reward myself with FOOD!
* I will NOT medicate with FOOD!
* I will NOT allow situations, circumstances, or other people to influence or dictate the way I EAT!
* I will NOT rationalize poor eating choices!
* I will NOT lie to myself about eating bad!
* I will NOT REPEAT my mistakes from my past!
* I will NOT allow my mind or emotions to sabotage my POTENTIAL!
* I WILL believe I AM WORTH IT! and do this FOR ME!

After reading through this list, I found that I was guilty of the first eight on the list and that (sadly) I am guilty of not believing the last one! Definitely something I need to work on!

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